Saturday is the day of the traditional Hardenberg Motor-cycle Market, which is to take place in Manege Hoogenweg in Hardenberg (the Netherlands). By now this popular event has grown into one of the largest fairs for motorcycles and spare parts in Holland.
Even after many years the number of participants and visitors of the Hardenberg Motor-cycle Market is still increasing.
It is a motorcycle fair without shows, but with many traders and a modest entrance fee.
Indoors as well as outdoors, an almost endless variety of motorcycles and spares of Japanese, English, German, American and Italian make will once again be on offer.
As special service for private persons who do not wish to stand in stalls themselves, a so-called ‘bring-in stall’ will be put at their disposal by “M.C. de Gasschoeve”, the organizing club of motorcyclists.
In this stall they can leave spares, which will subsequently be put on sale at previously agreed prices.
Needless to say, stalls can be rented by traders as well as private persons.
Date: first Saturday of October and last Saturday of March

Manege Hoogenweg 

Hoogenweg 52 

7793 HM  Hoogenweg


Entrance Fee: € 5,00 per person: children under 12 will be admitted free of charge.
Hours of opening: 08.00 – 16.00 hours.

Hardenberg lies no more than some 5 kilometres from the German-Dutch border.
For more information:
E. van Olst: Tel. 0031 - 22 21 11 09
H. Koopman: Tel. 0031 - 37 54 42 84